Support Team

Get in touch with our specialist support team weekdays from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm EST for any questions regarding RhinoFit.Contact Us

Payment Integration

RhinoFit currently supports users in the United States and Canada.Get help getting set up!

Report Bug

If you have encountered an issue that has caused your RhinoFit program to stop working contact us and report the problem immediately.

What countries do you support?

RhinoFit currently supports users in the United States and Canada.

How much does it cost?

We keep things simple at RhinoFit.  For most businesses, our software is a flat rate of only $57/month for unlimited members and data.  Fewer than 20 users per month?  Use our Gym management software for free

Is RhinoFit PCI Compliant?

Yes, RhinoFit is Level 3 PCI Compliant and we have been verified by a third party, Qualys, Inc, to be PCI Complaint. What’s the difference between Level 3 and Level 1 compliance? Nothing in terms of security! It just means that we process fewer transactions per year than larger companies.

How does RhinoFit compare to other Martial Arts management software?

RhinoFit is a software that is easy to use, offers great features such as class scheduling, attendance tracking, digital waivers, and belt-tracking and is competitively priced.  We are proud to offer our gym owners and instructors the best value in the market of gym management software.