Software Pricing


Dojos and Private Gyms
$ 57 Monthly
  • Member and Staff Management
  • Class & Appointment Scheduling
  • Check-In, Reserve, and Attend
  • Tablet Kiosk and Mobile App
  • Belt & Progression Tracking
  • RhinoSign: Digital Waivers
  • Automated Payment Processing
  • Email Marketing and SMS Messaging
  • Point of Sale and Product Store
  • Plus many more features!


Fitness Clubs and Studios
$ 99 Monthly**
  • All of Standard's Features!
  • Plus the Following
  • Done For You Website Design (Up to 5 Pages) $499 Value
  • RhinoFit Website Integrations Included
  • Free Affiliate Link
  • White Label Supplements Available
  • Wordpress Website Template
  • Free Hosting and SSL
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • EMV Credit Card Terminal
    $299 Value
Best Value

24/7 Access

24/7 Health Clubs
$ 149 Monthly**
  • All of Standard's Features!
  • Plus the Following
  • 24/7 Door Access Control API
  • Mobile Key Tags
  • Visitation Pattern Tracking
  • Real-Time Member Access Permissions
  • Dynamic Voice Notifications
  • AI Tailgating Addon Available
  • Wholesale Supplements Available
  • Affiliate Supplements Available

The standard package is only available for users in the United States and Canada.

Start-Up Pricing. United States and Canadian clients may qualify for Start-Up pricing ($0 per month) when the following conditions are met: in any given month (i) there are 20 or less active users and (ii) $2,500.00 or less (USD or CAD respectively) in payments are logged or processed. All other clients must have 20 or less active users in any given month to qualify. Customer’s using the Start-Up Pricing may have restricted or no access to certain features, including but not limited to communications and payment processing systems. This pricing is only available under the standard EULA; if another contract between Rhino Software and the client stipulates monthly pricing for RhinoFit, that other contract controls.

The webhosting is included with the monthly service fee. The professional tier is available only to customers in the United States of America, subject to underwriting and approval.

*There is a one-time $150 Set up Fee for the Ingenico Desk 3500 EMV reader. Additional shipping and taxes may be applied. 

*24/7 Access:  The pricing includes the standard pricing features. There is a one-time set up fee of $150 per DAC. This covers the costs for the DAC, scanner/reader, and power cord/adapter. This bundle price does not include the installation of the DAC, door strike, wiring, door, or other hardware that is not explicitly listed.

Additional fees may apply for taxes and shipping. 

For pricing on multiple units (for use on multiple access points or locations), please speak with a sales representative as discounts are available. 24/7 Access is available only to customers in the United States of America, subject to underwriting and approval.

**Option to purchase hardware

Alternatively, the door access hardware may be purchased for $1,300. Thereby, the monthly pricing of the software would be $99/mo. This bundle includes the hardware for one Door Access Control (DAC, scanner/reader and cable, and power cord/adapter); the bundle does not include a door strike, wiring, door, or other hardware that is not explicitly listed. This monthly service fee is exclusive of taxes and shipping fees.

All prices are in USD unless otherwise stated. DACs are a limited resource and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All pricing is subject to change and may be conditional on contract length and underwriting.

The gym management software price of $99 monthly is for a monthly software license that is connected to a Door Access Control (DAC) via a proprietary and closed API; the DAC hardware is purchased separately. This hardware package (DAC, scanner/reader and cable, and power cord/adapter) totals $1,300.00 per DAC, exclusive of taxes and shipping, which is due prior to shipment. 

***Professional Upgrade

For an additional $50/month, you may purchase the professional package with your Door Access system. In this case, your pricing would be adjusted to $199 per month. An additional $150 fee would be applied for the set up of the Ingenico Front Desk 2500