Our Dojo Management Software supports Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and more! Try out a Free 30 Day Trial of our dojo software.

Martial Arts Software for your Dojo

Looking for the best martial arts software for your dojo? RhinoFit can help! RhinoFit’s dojo software automates all of the mundane tasks of running a martial arts school into a powerful easy-to-use software system.  Our martial arts software supports various martial art styles and dojos including Traditional Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,  Karate, Judo, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Boxing, Taekwondo, MMA, and other gyms

Try out our Martial Arts Software for Free!

RhinoFit’s martial arts app and dojo software is available to download for free on google play or from the apple store. Our martial arts software includes a free martial arts app for members to purchase products from the product store, buy memberships, and reserve classes. Plus, your students can even track their progress and get reminders for any upcoming belt tests with our belt management and tracking features! 

Download our Free Martial Arts App

RhinoFit's free martial arts app is available to download on Google Play or from the Apple Store. Our martial arts app includes all the key features that you need to book appointments, reserve classes, and track your attendance history.

Student Progression and Belt Tracking

Create, track, and manage your members belt rankings and performance with RhinoFit's martial arts app! Your students will be able to see all of their previous belt tests and track their next progressions from the free app.

Book Appointments and Classes

RhinoFit's martial arts app gives your students the ability to book classes and appointments online. With the dojo software, your members can easily reserve class times and choose their martial arts instructor.
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When it comes to features, our Dojo Software packs a punch!

Our dojo software has all the features you need to run your classes smoothly and efficiently – saving you both time and money. Our dojo software allows you to easily manage your member’s payments, track your student’s attendance, sell products, collect digital waivers, and monitor the finances of your dojo. Additionally, you can create your own martial art ranking system for your dojo with our pre-built martial arts templates, custom belt colors, rankings, and progressions.

Automatic Billing

Accept one-time and recurring credit card or ACH payments.

Website Templates

Use our website templates to increase your online visibility.

Dojo Management

Create custom memberships and packages.

Product Management

Sell products or merchandise at your dojo.

Digital Waivers

Create custom waivers for your students to sign online.

Belt Management

Track your student's belt rankings and performance.

Martial Arts POS System

Don't miss a payment again with RhinoFit at your martial arts school! Our martial arts billing software gives you the ability to integrate our new POS system so that you can accept any type of payment method including debit, credit card, or apple pay.
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Advanced Belt Rankings for Martial Arts

Create, track, and manage your members belt rankings and performance with RhinoFit! Build your own martial arts ranking system or use one of our pre-formatted belt templates for taekwondo, brazilian jiu jitsu, or karate. Our Martial Arts software is a perfect fit for any type of martial arts discipline including Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsiu, and other dojo.

Sell Products and Apparel at your Dojo

Increase revenue at your dojo by selling custom apparel, martial arts gear, and supplements through our integrated product store! Our dojo software comes with an integrated product store so that you can create unlimited products and track inventory.
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Learn more about RhinoFit Dojo Software

Martial Arts Software is an all-in-one dojo management system designed to simplify your day-to-day operations at your dojo. Most dojo software systems come with key martial arts management features including class management, automatic billing, membership management, and other administrative tools.  The best martial arts software will include belt ranking and progress tracking features to help track the member’s belt colors and rankings in your gym.

RhinoFit is a powerful martial arts software platform that is designed to help simplify your day-to-day tasks of running your dojo. Since 2012, we have worked with hundreds of martial arts studios to help grow their business and cut operational costs with our powerful martial arts system. Our martial arts solutions include our free martial arts app, member billing, class scheduling, belt ranking, martial arts website templates, and more! 

Known for providing top notch customer service and support, our company has grow steadily over the last 10 years. Our goal is to help you effectively manage your business using the RhinoFit software, growing both your customer base and profits.

Power your martial arts studio with RhinoFit’s belt management and ranking system! 

As a Martial Arts Instructor, it is crucial to keep track of your student’s growth and progress! Depending on the martial arts discipline, this tracking is usually done by implementing a belt system.

With Rhinofit’s Belt Management feature, you are provided with the best tools to manage your belt ranking system. We make it as simple as possible with our pre-defined martial arts templates and belt tests! Therefore, you as the instructor can focus more of your time teaching and helping your students!

Why having a Belt Management System is Beneficial?

Belt-tracking is designed for all types of Martial Arts such as Karate, MMA, Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Aikido, and more! Whether your facility is centered more around physical skill or mental discipline, there are many positives to a belt management system. Implementing a belt-tracking system for students provides motivation, recognition, and personal growth opportunities.

When students can visually see their accomplishments and have a reason to keep improving, they will be more inclined to work harder and achieve their next rank. This is exactly what you want for both your students and your martial arts business!

Being able to track the student’s progress is also greatly beneficial to the parents of younger students. Often the parents are not in the classes with their kids, so staying up to date through the belt feature is extremely helpful for them to stay in the loop!

Belt Management Tools for your Dojo

RhinoFit software offers all the belt-tracking tools you’ll need!

You can easily track your member’s belt colors, rankings, and progressions with our mobile app! Use RhinoFit’s pre-loaded belt ranking templates or build your own… the choice is yours.

With our dynamic system, you can automatically schedule belt tests for each student. Once scheduled, you can set up automatic emails to be sent out to them about any upcoming test events. Tests are crucial when it comes to belt-tracking and our features allow you to stay as organized as possible. Keep track of every member’s progress with our Top Ranks and Ranks Earned reports. You may also view everyone’s belts in order by simply clicking their profile and looking next to their name.

We understand teaching many students can be busy and challenging, so our goal is to make our belt-tracking tools as simple as possible for you and your members!

Belt Customization for your Martial Arts Facility

To give you full customization, we provide you with many options when creating all your belts. When adding a progression, you must choose one of the four categories: Martial Art, Discipline, Certificate, or Other. From there, you add a title, appropriate category, and description for the progression.

RhinoFit’s martial arts software allows you to completely customize the belts to your liking! The belt can be designed with horizontal or vertical sections, and you can edit the belt by choosing any color for the background, text, shadow, sheath, stripe(s), and outline. Choose either major or minor ranks, the order, level, description, and class requirements.

You have the capability to make each belt as unique as you’d like! Through the progression chart, your students will clearly be able to see how to earn each belt.

1.Martial Arts Software Simplifies Gym Operations

Truthfully, it would be almost impossible to run a busy gym without some type of management software! Can you imagine dealing with everything solely on paper and spreadsheets?

Martial Arts management software automates routine tasks like member check-ins, attendance, membership renewals, billing, and class scheduling. You no longer need to hire additional employees to manage day-to-day operations at your gym. Let the software do the work!

2. Martial Arts Software Saves Time and Energy

Martial Arts Software reduces the time required to complete administrative tasks such as membership billing, email communications, and reporting. This way you don’t have to waste your time reminding your employees about overdue bills or expired credit cards. Our Martial Arts system will automatically send out bill reminders and automations for any failed payments.

Our martial arts software also helps improve booking and class scheduling. It can be stressful managing your weekly calendars with all your group training classes, appointments, and personal training sessions.  With martial arts software, you can easily manage your members and their timeslots all in one place. Also, you save your members time by allowing them to book classes online!

3. Martial Arts Software Increases Member Retention

Members care about all aspects of their gym… as they should!  Assuming they enjoy the workouts and community, the fitness software is also vital to the overall member experience and should be user-friendly. You are giving your members the tools they need to improve their fitness journey and to hold themselves accountable. With martial arts software, they can easily access their daily workout logs and progress reports. This is a great way to retain your members and keep them motivated.

Gym management software can be used to keep your members engaged. Communication tools and automations can be set up to send out “We Miss You” messages, appointment reminders, and birthday wishes. Member retention tools such as churn rate, class attendance, and last log-in are also great indicators for tracking your member’s satisfaction.

RhinoFit Dojo Management Software supports most martial arts styles including striking or stand-up martial arts, take-down martial arts styles, ground-fighting martial arts, low-impact martial arts, and other combat sports. Some of the martial arts types include

1. Karate (Striking Martial Arts Style)

Karate is a traditional Japanese martial art style that originated in Japan. It is a striking art that uses various body parts to perform punches, kicks, elbow strikes, and knee strikes. Karate training emphasizes timing, tactics, and spiritual values. Unlike many other martial art styles, the size and strength of the karate practitioner is unimportant, for students are taught to use their entire body when striking.Still widely practiced worldwide today, karate aims to maintain constant self-improvement through practicing discipline, integrity, respect, and inner strength. There is also great emphasis on developing healthy physical fitness methods including balance, posture, speed, coordination, power, and mental focus.

2. Taekwondo (Combat Martial Arts Style)

Originating in Korea, taekwondo is a fast-paced martial arts style. It is a combat sport that involves dynamic punching and kicking techniques that use hands and feet as weapons. Considered to be “a way of life”, taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts.This style teaches more than just fighting skills. For it puts great emphasis on mental discipline, good sportsmanship, and integrity. Training includes self-defense techniques, forms or patterns, sparring, and board-breaking practices. Taekwondo is considered a blended art form, and members participate in repetitive drills to improve techniques and flexibility.

3. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Ground Fighting & Grappling Martial Arts Style)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a self-defense combat sport and fighting style based on grappling, ground fighting, and submission holds. The word “Jui Jitsu” derives from the Japanese “Jū” meaning “gentle” and “Jutsu meaning “art.” Essentially, Jiu-Jitsu is the “gentle art.”Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the skill of controlling a resisting opponent in ways that force him to submit. This martial art style focuses on leveraging technique, body support, and positioning to overcome opponents, no matter their size or strength. Popular techniques include sweeps, joining locks, chokes, takedowns, and positional control. Specifically, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is known for its overall effectiveness in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).
4. Muay Thai (Stand up Combat Style)

Also referred to as Thai boxing, Muay Thai is a powerful fighting style that is practiced worldwide. Famous for its full contact sparring component, Muay Thai is known for its effectiveness in competition. It is a full contact combat sport that includes stand up striking, sweeps, and clinching techniques. This style puts great emphasis on growing conditioning, endurance, and precise technique practices. Muay Thai remains a fundamental sport in Thai culture and has many benefits including:

  • Calorie Burner
  • Self-Defense
  • Mental Toughness
  • Self-Confidence
  • Endorphin Rush
  • Strengthens the Body
  • Widens Social Circle
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
5. Judo (Grappling Martial Arts Style)
Judo is dynamic combat sport that demands both physical and great mental discipline. This martial art is a combination of traditional Jiu-Jitsu and other martial arts elements to create a practical self-defense style. It is a Japanese fighting style that focuses on throws, submission holds, and grappling techniques. Judo, meaning “gentle way,” maximizes efficiency with minimal effort. Therefore, there is great emphasis on using the opponent’s energy and momentum for guidance. The combination of training methods focus on techniques that foster mutual respect, skill development, and sportsmanship.The Judo Moral Code is a set of ethics created by the founder, Jigoro Kano. The code is made up of 8 parts:Courtesy, Courage, Friendship, Honesty, Honor, Modesty, Respect, Self-Control
Image of children practicing Judo martial arts
6. Sambo (Striking and Grappling Martial Arts Style)
Sambo is a Russian martial art that improves hand-to-hand combat abilities. The name “Sambo” derives from the Russian acronym SAMozashcita Bez Oruzhiya, which means “self-defense without weapons.” Although sambo is similar to judo and jiu-jitsu, there are also many wrestling techniques involved.Sambo combines many skills and incorporates a variety of moves into three prime areas: ground control skills, takedowns, and leg locks.
7. Boxing (Stand up Martial Arts Style)

Boxing has dominated the sporting industry for centuries. This combat sport consists of two competitors throwing punches at each other, in hopes of knocking the other out. Most of the time, competitors wear protective gloves and other protective equipment such as mouth guards and hand wraps.Many different punches occur in boxing. Below are some of the more common ones:

  • Jab: A fully extended straight punch thrown with the leading (front) fist.
  • Cross: A fully extended straight punch thrown with the backward (rear) fist.
  • Hook: A semi-circular punch thrown with the leading fist to the side of the opponent’s head.
  • Uppercut: A punch that is thrown in a vertical manner from the rear fist.

Boxing training provides great exercise for all muscle groups. When practiced regularly, boxing is an effective and fun way to stay in good shape.

8. Kickboxing (Stand up Martial Arts Style)
Blending the styles of boxing and karate, kickboxing has been gaining global popularity as a competitive combat sport. As the name suggests, kickboxing is a full contact sport that incorporates kicks and punches combined with upper and lower body striking techniques. There is great focus on developing physical conditioning, striking skills, and self-defense techniques. These techniques include punches, kicks, knee strikes, and occasionally elbow strikes.Many people take up kickboxing for self-defense and its overall effectiveness in fitness improvement. Training in kickboxing requires discipline, dedication, and mental focus. Practitioners learn to control emotions, develop self-confidence, and improve concentration. People who practice kickboxing must overcome mental as well as physical obstacles to succeed.
Image of a kickboxer practicing kickboxing, a stand up martial arts style
9. Tai Chi (Combat & Self-Defense Martial Arts Style)
Established in China and rooted in Taoist philosophy, Tai Chi seeks to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. Tai Chi focuses on nurturing internal energy, prompting physical health, and gaining a sense of balance in the body and mind. This is done through a series of fluid movements performed in a continuous manner, emphasizing body movements, calm breath, and mental focus. Often times, Tai Chi is practiced as a martial arts therapy or exercise for the purpose of health and longevity.Tai Chi also involves partner work methods, which develop responsiveness and sensitivity. You learn to constantly adapt your movements to suit the environment along with the person in front of you.
10. Aikido (Throwing & Striking Martial Arts Style)
The philosophical origins of aikido, a Japanese martial art, focus on self-discovery as much as it focuses on fighting. This style not only puts an emphasis on the physical benefits of increased power and flexibility, but also leads to an increase of self-confidence. Aikido is an intense physical and spiritual training to perfect human character and develop true wisdom.This martial art focuses on the essential elements of peace, unity, and personal growth. Through a series of techniques, such as joint locks, pins, and throws, members can subdue an attacker without causing too much harm. Aikido is centered around redirecting an opponent’s energy and neutralizing an attack. With that being said, there are no competitions in aikido. Overall, a student’s progress is measured only by their effort to develop themselves.
11. Kung Fu (Japanese Fighting Style)

Kung Fu refers to several martial art types. Here are some examples are below:

  • Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Wing Chun
  • Tai Chi
  • Baguazhang
  • Xingyiquan
  • Hung Gar

Kung Fu has been shaped by various factors, including ancient Chinese philosophy, legends, military combat techniques, and the rich knowledge between regions. As with many other martial art styles, techniques involve much more than just physical benefits. This style encompasses philosophical aspects of respect, self-cultivation, and the pursuit of balance and harmony. Effective training involves repetition and sparring drills, distance management, and defense.

12. Sumo (Combat Martial Arts Style)
Sumo is a Japanese style of wrestling and Japan’s national sport. The rules are quite simple. The wrestler who exits the ring first or touches the ground with any body part besides the soles of his feet loses. Sumo players rely on throws and takedowns, and no leverages or chokes are allowed. On average, it only takes a few seconds before the challenge is over. Matches take place in an elevated ring which is made of clay and sand.There are no weight restrictions or classes in sumo, which means wrestlers can easily find themselves matches up against someone many times their size. Therefore, weight gain is an essential part of sumo training.
13. Wrestling (Combat Martial Art Style)
Considered as one of the oldest sports in history, wrestling is a martial art that requires strong balance, leverage, power, and knowledge to successfully take down an opponent. Wrestling is a total body workout and utilizes all the major muscle groups in the body. It is argued that no other martial art style compares to the strength required from practicing wrestling on a regular basis.
Image of wrestlers going head-to-head in a wrestling competition
14. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
Mixed Martial Arts are known to be the fastest-growing combat sport in the world and have the potential to become bigger than boxing. Many people don’t realize how long MMA has been around, for it began around the time of the Ancient Olympics. This is the least restrictive combat sport and allows fighters to combine different combat styles all at once, like boxing, wrestling, judo, karate, and more.Mixed Martial Arts techniques include striking (punches, kicks, knees) and grappling (pinning holds, clinch holds, submission holds, sweeps, throws, and takedowns). As the sport has grown and become more mainstream, it has piqued the interest of a wide range of practitioners of all ages.
15. Krav Maga (Self Defense Martial Arts Style)
Lastly, is Krav Maga. Centered around practical techniques for real-world situations, Krav Maga is an effective self-defense style. It equips practitioners for potential threats by focusing specifically on striking, grappling, and ground fighting. Krav Maga incorporates punches, elbows, kicks, and knees targeted at an opponent’s vulnerable body parts. The various training methods prepare individuals with self-defense skills, adaptability, and the ability to defend themselves in real-life threatening situations.
How to Choose the Best Martial Art Style to Learn
With the many diverse martial art styles to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one to begin practicing. Different styles emphasize physical fitness, self-discipline, competition, or varying levels of importance. Therefore, you should research different martial art types and learn about the techniques, philosophies, and training approaches. When deciding on a martial art style for you, consider the steps below:Recognize your goals: Ask yourself why you want to learn martial arts. Is it for fitness, self-defense, stress relief, competition, or cultural cultivation? When you understand your objectives, you can choose a martial art that best aligns with your goals.Consider your fitness level: As mentioned, each martial art style is different. Some styles require more fitness or dedication than others. Consider your own fitness level and decide on a martial art style that would benefit you the best.Find a credible school or instructor: Once you’ve narrowed down your options, research reputable schools or instructors in your area. Conduct a local search, read reviews, check their credentials, and learn about their martial arts background. It may also be beneficial to talk to the instructor and find out about their experience, teaching style, and training philosophy.Try out a class: It is common for schools to offer a free class for newcomers, especially if you’ve never done martial arts before. Take full advantage of this opportunity and find out which style is right for you! Your overall goal is to find a style you enjoy that fits your lifestyle.
Image of a women practicing martial arts representing the best martial arts software.
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I just want to give Kevin Jackman a shout out on designing my website. He was very informative throughout the entire process. He made the changes I requested and worked with me efficiently on getting it together. I look forward to us keeping the relationship and evolving the website as we make changes and additions to our business. Thank yoiu
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