RhinoFit Mobile App 2.0

  • Reserve Classes and Book Appointments

  • Sign Digital Waivers and Contracts

  • Track Belt Progress & Workouts

  • Communicate with other Members

  • Purchase Memberships or Products

Martial Arts App

Download our Free Martial Arts App

The RhinoFit 2.0 martial arts app is designed for dojo owners, instructors, and students.  Our free RhinoFit app is available to download on IOS or from the Google Play Store and is designed for any type of Android or Apple device including mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. With the RhinoFit app,  Rhinofit users can easily reserve classes, book appointments,  track belt progressions and workouts, view upcoming classes, and communicate with other members.

RhinoFit App Preview
Martial Arts App
Belt Tracking App
Martial Arts App 3
Martial Arts App 4

RhinoFit's dojo management software is available on computers, mobile phones, and tablets, and can be utilized with multiple staff log ins. Checking into class or gym attendance with membership verification can be easily optimized with our computer and tablet based sign-in kiosk.